Sakova leaves a check for the campaign organizers


Milan Lučanský, President of the Police Force, said Sunday that he had prepared a more detailed analysis of unnamed crime information.

Survey results related to unnamed crime notification for maritime organizers To complete the completion of Skacka before the end of the week. Following a letter meeting, this was published by the Minister of Interior within Denisa Sakova (Smer-SD).

"The search result should be at the end of the week, we will look to the President for the results, and we, I think, will take a quick time to work if there are any mistakes mentioned by the President, "said Sak. Foreword does not want to make decisions.

Milan Lučanský, President of the Police Force (PZ), said on Sunday (November 18) he had prepared a more detailed analysis of unknown crime information.

After studying, he found out differences between the information he received from the NAKA leadership and the truth. Currently Peter Hraško is managing.

"They did not post the data, the supervisor did not properly assess the situation after receiving the news and other mistakes. So I ordered a check. After conclusions, I will do it, "said Lučanský.

National Criminal Organization (NAKA) Presidium CA has investigated the crime crime crime name that it received on September 10. The recordings say they have organized a coup. A number of organizers were heard during the screening, other days were suspended per week.

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