Sakurai explains why Kirby is a? survive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and confirming the latest news –


There is only just over a week to launch the expected expectations Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Masahiro Sakurai has a few words Famitsu about special aspects of the last tractor of the title.

It is something that the fans do not know the music that was part of the last video. According to Japan, the theme "was recommended for the event" by Sakamoto Eisuke. There is not enough space in the sound record of the title.

However, something left without fans without that Kirby The attack will last, in front of other characters who have unfortunately resolved. In response, he replied "It seems like it is beautiful Kirby, but it is said that it is a real objective, "on the other hand" to flee from Lumina, a reason must be a waste, although the physical speed would be very fast, because Is it a? including the star, so it can teleported a bit ".

Everyone who said that other heroes could survive, instead of the adorable Kirby, Sakurai He says "Bayonetta can not escape because they are also spirited in the Purgator and Palutena does not work as a result, because the gods become the spirits. "

However, it also emphasizes that the title "Kirby story" is not just a ""; the first character that is under control, and so you should not worry if you are not very happy. He believes that it is a character that can be controlled by everyone.

In addition, it was confirmed that we will day one upgrade, although its weight has not been identified. We are aware of what is available.

What do you think? Did you surprise that Kirby was alive on the attack? Leave your thoughts!


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