Salam removed from market: polluted by Salmonella Derby


a & # 39; Ministry of Health they ordered that all market sales be carried out on 11 March 2019 Citterino salami, made by Giuseppe Citterio Salumificio S.p.A.

As stated in the document published on the website dicastery, the recall was recalled because the outcome does not comply with the food safety criteria set out in Regulations 2071 / EC. 05 for Salmonella Derby present".

a & # 39; lottery responsible for 3523-51. The Citterino salami, a gentle piece about 200 grill.

a & # 39; Salmonella Derby A change of Salmonella. According to EFSA's (the European Food Safety Authority) study, Salmonella is a bacterium the second cause of disease is a European food source. If food is contaminated with Salmonella species, it can lead to salmoneosis, a contagious disease that needs to affect the bone system, and to be released with outputs, shelter, 'diarrhea, abdominal pain.

According to reports from EFSA, Salmonella diseases are occurring in the form of poor gastroenteritis, which can be fatal in some specific subjects.

Recently, the effects of the soft wheeled flights of 00 type were taken by Selex brand and by Cuore Mediterraneo.jam jam, like algebra, which is not mentioned in the label, though the words "are made in a resource where soy is used" is printed on the pack. Consequently the product is not suitable for people with cancer.

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