Salary PIS 2018/2019 will start to & # 39; getting paid for those born in March and April


CAIXA starts on Tuesday (19) for accountants and Thursday (21) for the other beneficiaries; payment of 2018/2019 calendar, basic benefit program (PIS – Social Equality Program), the year 2017, for workers born in March and April. The numbers are between R $ 84 and R $ 998, depending on the minimum salary level, depending on the work period in 2017.

CAIXA's Individual Account Holders with a balance over R $ 1.00 and a positive self-reliant credit handling. Payments are made according to the employee's birthday, and started in July 2018. The resources of each tender is available until June 28, 2019.

For those born in March and April, R $ 2,762,624,534.00 is available for 3,782,362 staff. The CAIXA Trabalhador application can be found at the CAIXA website ( or CAIXA Atendimento Citizen service: 0800 726 0207.


CAIXA offers R $ 16.3 billion to 22.3 million beneficiaries that are all over the world; calendar. The member of staff is registered in the Social Equality Program (PIS) or Civil Service Training Program (PASEP) for at least five years and has been formally working for at least 30 day in 2017 with average monthly salary up to two lowest wages. It is also essential that the data is properly managed by the employer in the Annual Annual Census of Information (RAIS), the 2017 primary year.

Citizens' Charter and the registered password can go to a lottery house, a CAIXA Aqua service space or CAIXA self service terminals. If you do not have a Citizens Charter and have not automatically accessed the CAIXA account, the amount can be withdrawn at any CAIXA branch, and may issue the document of identity. The employee's PASEP registration is connected to the public company and its email address; paid by Banco do Brasil.


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