Sale of raw oil, causing prices to fall by almost 7%


The dollar index increased to a large extent 0.68 percent to 96.82 when many investors moved from trade to dollars to reduce their risk. In addition, investors have been withdrawn and thus the result of US administrative movements fell to a low seven weeks. But the main security of the accuracy of its collapse in product prices. Left all stock markets at the end of the last session because there were not many company profits as expected, with a concern about a # 39; slowing global economic growth, geothermal decline in many countries, and tensioning. USA – China trade.

Oil dropped well

Oil prices have dropped well after selling on Wall Street where global economic concerns were disbanded.

Texas Texas Medium Oil (WTI) was down $ 3.77, or 6.6 per cent, to $ 53.43 barrel in electronic trading, down 7.7 per cent at $ 52.77. More than 946,000 WTI revenue contracts were issued, more than a daily average of more than 10 months.

Gross Brent also fell $ 4.26, or 6.4 per cent, at $ 62.53 at a later date, after falling 7.6 percent to $ 61.71 barrel, the lowest rate since December 2017. Post-

Compared to October 2018, oil prices have dropped more than 30%.

Earth stock lost land in the last two days in fear of corporate employment, increased loan costs as well as increasing the global economy in terms of ongoing sustainability. The S & P 500 fell to the lowest in three years.

The leaders of their International Energy Agency (IEA) warned that a & # 39; oil market in an uncertain degree, especially due to geochemical and economic uncertainty.

Gold due to a proxy

The gold also fell because investors sought the salaries and US government bonds after the stock market was built. Gold dropped for immediate delivery of 0.3% to $ 1,220.01 units, while income fell from $ 5,10, or 0.3%, to $ 1,221.20 per unit.

Money was given from two months to a low, and the US government band results dropped to a low seven weeks when stocks were lost on land on demand for safe assets.

Amongst other precious metal, 1 per cent money fell to $ 14.28 per wave (although at $ 14.49, the highest from November 8), palladium fell by 2 per cent to $ 1,137.50 per wave. As long as platinum fell 1.8 per cent to $ 837.50 an uns.

Copper, nickel and zinc were lowered

Stocks also reduced prices again after five previous benefits. A short sale of Exchange Metal London fell 1.2 percent to $ 6,184 tonnes in the previous five sessions, up 4 per cent.

Some other basic mitigation also fell at price. With London-based price prices for 3 months, zinc fell 1.9 percent to $ 2,551 tonnes, nickel fell 0.8 per cent to $ 11,095 tonnes, the lowest level from December 14. But, sometimes we are now $ 97 is higher than the three month contract, the highest point since June. The reason why this provision is not scarce at present.

The strongest decline in 8 months

China's built-in steel prices fell by almost 3 per cent in the last day, the biggest drop in eight days, as the demand was disturbed. haul.

Chinese steel mills have also produced a high yield on the decline in prices, although northern cities have cut cutting in the winter. Last week, the use of steel mills throughout China was increasing for the next three weeks, adding 0.14 percentage points to 67.82 per cent.

Rebar contract left Shanghai 2.9 percent to 3,742 CNY ($ 539.37) tonnes. This is the largest decline since March 23, 1818. The price of steel stalls fell 1.3 per cent to CNY 4,300.42 tonnes, the lowest in four months.

Coal will be reduced by steel

The price of coal is affecting steel price movements. Coal revenue for the delivery of January 3.5% to CNY dropped 2,305 tonnes, and 0.9% cock coal fell to CNY 1,371.5 per tonne.

Line 6 weeks minimum

Crude sugar prices have fallen sharply according to raw oil prices because sugar cubes are not used solely for sugar, but also for ethanol, compete directly with oil. Hard sugar fell to deliver USD 0.34 cents, or 2.7 per cent, to 12.46 pence / lb of US at a & # 39; ultimately, after falling to the lowest rate from October 5 (12.36 pounds SA); long and white sugar drops $ 5.8, or 1.7 per cent, to $ 338.10 tonnes, down from seven weeks low of $ 337.3 tons.

Brazil is expected to maintain a percentage percent of sugar cells used in ethanol production that has supported raw sugar prices in the past weeks. However, falling oil prices have raised concerns that producers can raise levels of sugar rates in sugar making if higher profits of ethanol are increased.

Rubber continued to decline

There were falling rubber prices in Asian markets in the past. In Tokyo, the charter dropped for the fourth relatively slow new session in 26 months as the yen was strengthened against the dollar, Japanese tunnel collapse and Shanghai price. The contract fell to 1.2 per cent to 153.6 JPY ($ 1.37) per kilogram at the end of the session, before it was only 153 JPY, the lowest level since September 13. It was successful with & # 39 ; a contract traded between January on the Shanghai exchange revenue exchange was also 270 cents to attract CNC 10.885 per tonne at the end of the day to close at just 10,755 CNY, the lowest rate since August 3, the delivery of the December in Singapore 1.1% to 121.8 USD / kg.

Analyst Toshitaka Tazawa of goods merchandise Fujitomi Co. "In Thailand, corporate rubber prices have fallen and worries about the world are weakening the world that rubber resistance prevents rubber prices," says "to Reduced rubber prices across the continent Asia can continue to go. "

Milk goes down

International milk prices continue to grow for the seventh continuous session when sales sizes are rising and milk prices are increasing; fall. World Country Trade (GDT) – collected weekly – 3.5% fell, with an average sales price of $ 2,727 tonnes. In particular, waste milk (AMF) decreased by 9.4%, and decreased butter by 9.6%, all down to the lowest level over 2 years; Total Wheel Powder (WMP) – the most competitive rate – 1.8% fell.

2% fell on the previous week (2 weeks) to its average average price. ANZ is expecting the milk product to be used; stay up until the summer, so that this & # 39; go down.

You'll fall

Sri Lanka's house prices have fallen dramatically recently to £ 620.44 pg, the lowest in four months. The middle bank will expect prices to continue to be & # 39; by 2018, only 587.76 will average, compared to 620.44 by the end of 2017. In the first six months of 2018, the average price of 605, 17 rupees, 2.2% is lower than the same period of previous year, since July's rates fell largely, with its average price in July 2018 9.6% lower than the same time last year.

The tea in Sri Lanka in the first six months of 2018 came up 0.9 percent over the same period last year to 158.2 million cc, and it is expected that a 3.5% increase to 318.6 million kg is too 2018.

At the same time, in China, Xinhua told the country's output in 2018 to reach 2.8 million tonnes, the CNY 600 billion ($ 86.4 billion) value, according to the Tea Marketing Association. Trading in the home market will be reaching 2 million tonnes, with exports over 300,000 tonnes. It is said that growing tea consumption in China in recent years has been steadily expanded.

Price of some 21/11 product of goods

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