Sale on Black Friday & # 39; higher than foretold in the United States Companies Business


The Black Friday was waiting in the United States, where millions of people spend on the sale day for a & # 39; doing their Christmas shops, they closed with a sale of 6,200 million dollars, the highest than a forecast of 5,900 million dollars.

This figure means year-by-year growth of 23.6 per cent, according to data from Adobe Digital Insights.

This is one of the weekend with the largest number of offers in the country's stores, beginning with Thanksgiving, when, after going to # 39; Share with family and friends, They will be stamped out to department stores, but also to other retailers for purchase.

In continuing the big purchase, at 7am on this Saturday, 400 million dollars in sales were already recorded, according to Adobe, Web data survey is 80 of the top 100 top sellers in the US.

The increase in sales at that time, by 2017, reaching around 24.3 per cent. Technology continues to & # 39; This week's weekend sales, with knees as the main thing.

The next day of big sale is the next Monday, already known as the Cyber ​​Monday, and it is anticipated that this is the largest cost, with a ratio of $ 170 per person, according to the Deloitte councilor.

Thanksgiving October and Monday, it is estimated to cost $ 420 each.


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