Sale to & # 39; dish that looks like big worms, which get a month near 400 million "tasty"


(Dan Viet) Turning out in & # 39; Vietnam too, there is the same thing, the other thing about appearance.

At first sight, it looks like & # 39; This was so easy to scare. The smooth shell, shaped like a large worm, rises as red brown blood. This is the "blood" in China, and in Vietnam, it is known by its name known as pig pig. In fact, the main things that do this thing in Vietnam and China are the same, but the two sides really look like "one heaven".

You need to clean the worm, 400 million damage

You need to clean the worm, 400 million damage

The subject "blood" is very frightening

"Blood" food is made from many materials, including pigs, pigs, wheat wheat, sesame oil and five flavors. People often churn or eat; breaking her peat to enjoy.

In Henan township, Henan area, China's traditional "bloody" shop. The owner of Tran Cuu is his fifth generation of the family. The correct materials, raw materials that make it; shop is always of benefit to local countries.

Mrs. Truong – his wife, An, said the name was "old brot". on the "blood". The bins here are made of bamboo or wood, used to store cooking stores. The name "tank broth" came from there.

You need to clean the worm, 400 million damage

Every day, the human lady's wife can make a pocket easily 10-13 million

Although he sells wildfowl but his wife, it is very difficult to change the movement, working more "blood" tiger. This new food is highly regarded by young people.

Only "blood" here is only 5 yuan (16,800 dong). Ms Zhang said, one day she can sell 500-600 bowls, including eating at home and buying a shop. So every day the family can "easily" pocket "3,000-4,000 yuan (10-13 million) easily.

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