Sales of up-to-date resources amounted to 22% in the last quarter


According to the data published by INDEC, the invoice (in designated terms) special shopping centers che received 5% anniversary (i.a) in that time, but the item's prices, measured by the IPC-GBA Ecolatina, increased by an average of 38% i.a., who leaves his & her; bill itself clearly in a negative field (-22% i.a.).

Regarding the causes of collapse, the Ecolatina consultation says that the first one in the third quarter of 2018 is now a "global impact", a TV sales growth device in the first part of 2018.

In this line, to June, the sum in the real accounts of the television, video and photographic material increased by 75%. Although the rest of the showcase items increased by just 6.4% i.e. In the third quarter, the fall was widely widespread: the previous number fell by 32% ie, although the second fell by 20% i.a.

The second reason is the new macroeconomic context. The sharp decline was on Argentine importance and increased prices – including the demolition – a & # 39; means that the demand for domestic appliances would sink.

In this way, the jump at the price of the dollar, decreases the power of buying in hard cash, preventing the purchase of sustainable goods, but also accelerate the inflation, and affect its & # 39; buying power in pesos.


In particular, in September, when the dollar impressed the $ 40 compensation and uncertainties in the markets, there was a 1.8% denominated reduction in the department's bills of 1.8%, with departmental prices & 39; climbing more than 50%

By the way, After the exchange rate jump, house appliances and householder developments have become more expensive compared to other economics: In September, General Rate Growth increased by 12.7%, while the price of the item was & # 39; 24% increase.

The vision for the region is not inspiring. We expect collapse of housing tools to be deepened in the last quarter of 2018 and will not reveal major developments during 2019.

Salaries in pesos would not appear to grow in real terms only in the middle of next year and the development would not be enough to made up for the loss in 2018. Therefore, depending on the need to submit to & # 39; consuming goods that are considered to be a greater demand than a constant product, the purchase stop of new implements in 2019.

Likewise, Although the high level of interest is expected to be reduced, it will continue at high levels, making it difficult to access funding, a key machine in the department.

Ultimately, we do not expect to have household appliances that, Forward sales, because we expect the exchange rate to move according to inflation (the price of house appliances connected to the dollar is the result of the high level that is introduced to the department ).

In this way, in order to show the greater sustainability economy, the funding cost will be reduced to accessible levels and salaries will be strengthened, the sales of the department would not be revitalized.

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