Salmon oil is going to close a really tough year


The most remote oil used in the world is a terrible year, although there is a powerful mix of factors on reducing prices, from falling dramatically in oil costs to allegations that the expansion of plantation eliminate orangutan habitats.

Malaysia's down-to-date income fell by about 18% this year, similar to the annual downturn in 2017, and prices have the lowest values ​​in more than three years.

Used in all kinds of materials, from anchored to fuel, palm oil may be year-round at a price of RM2,000 per ton, according to Bloomberg's survey this month. That value compares to this Friday's 2,044 ringgit.

The decline of more problems for growers in Indonesia and Malaysia, Feeling that they feel how prices are & # 39; go around production costs. Kuala Lumpur Planning Timescale fell by 9.4% this year and has been running for its & # 39; biggest decline since 2014.

These are some of the things that pale oil oil price:

1. Representation

The increase in production and stockings, and shorter exports, has a greater impact on the largest producers, Indonesia and Malaysia. The demand is not enough to accommodate the ever-increasing supply, said Ivy Ng, regional director of arable business at the CIMB Investment Bank Bhd. in Kuala Lumpur. Prices should be even more appealing to win merchants in India, the world's largest exchange rate.

2. biofuels

Dorab Mistry, an analyst of Godrej International, says that the bi-diesel demand is the factor that determines the most important prices next year. The prospects of Indonesia's Biodiesel B20 advanced order are market partners; current fuel required by 20% polished woodwood to take into account solar. Malalainn is trying to have a B10 agreement that has been in & # 39; waiting for transportation and other subsidiary divisions as at 1 December, in accordance with a letter sent by the Ministry of Key Industries to oil companies and seen by Bloomberg News.

3. Commercial war

Philme oil was not preserved from the trade disasters between the United States and China, which led to an exchange of exhibitions, which depend on agricultural markets and its output. restricting trade flows, especially for sewing vessels, which are damaged for competitive oil. Trade uncertainty was also a "#; gives investors money as they wait to see how to affect vegetable oil. If there are problems going on and China has a problem; including the US vessel, that country's buyers could go to palm oil, Ng said of CIMB.

4. Orangutans

And there are orangutans too. The image of a palm oil has been damaged by resulting in negative publicity; shows tropical oil as a destruction on jungle and orangutan habitats, which causes governments and creators to develop market profile of palm oil market

This month, the Greenpeace campaigners were arrested after a campaign was launched on a palm oil freight ship on the way to Europe. His company also helped some partners, from palm oil suppliers to Mondelez International Inc., destroying the orangutan habitats in Indonesia, which came soon after giving violent anti-tropical oil compared to the United Kingdom. United

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