Samrt Khan Murt: Two suspects were arrested


On 8 October, Samir Khan, 23, gave him a friend. This is the last event someone heard about it.

Shortly afterwards it was reported that he lost – and the police indicated that he had been extinct as a human law.

The situation then saw more than half a year, before the dead body of Samir Khan was found in Lake Lafssjön north of Uppsala.

"Everything shows that he has been murdered," said police chief executive Ove Dahlberg.

Two were arrested

Now, just over a year after its disappearance and just over fifty years after the remains found in the loch, the police have made a great deal of progress in the research, which was reported as the SVT Uppsala first.

"Two arrested from the weekend," said Elin Blank, the room procurator to Expressen.

Why is this happening right now?

"This start-up survey was done with different storage, but I can not comment on what events are currently happening.

The procurator also does not want to suspect the arrest of the two. By Wednesday, Elin Blank needs to make a decision on whether to be appointed.

The family wants answers

The police have previously reported that they had previously known on Samir Khan, who lived in Stockholm but had previously been there; live in Uppsala. However, it was not considered as a person who committed crime.

– There is no crime or any organization that is familiar to everyone. He had some small things, said Ove Dahlberg.

Samir Khan's little sister said that he really means he finds out how her brother died.

"You always want to know what has happened. In fact, you want to find out, even if it's best to know exactly what happened.

Samir Khan and her little sister have been close since they were young. "When I was one year, he came to a nursery and asked them to take care of me," said the previous sister.

photo: Linette Israelsson

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