Samsung and Huawei are preparing to launch fog with a hole in the screen


It seems that the time is causing a lot of people to be in trouble; ending, as the race race runs a cell that just has a screen on its back; followed by a hole in the screen.

So, look at different statements on international analysts, which also ensure that Samsung has started with a & # 39; Make these panels already, since there is, besides that, there is another interest.

Her first information about her form is & # 39; Thanks to Samsung Mobile, which says that this feature will have Galaxy A8:

Accurate 6.7mm rounding, which ensures that the Galaxy S10, or at least one of its modules, is only 2 or 3 millimeters smaller in diameter.

Who else? In fact, Huawei, who is competitive, is straightforward. Through their networks in Asia they share this teaser, saying that a new team is already delivered in December:

h mph West South Westerly

It seems to be the same design, right? And Samsung is probably the screen too. Now it's still to know who's going on and to be the first one.

Do you want this solution better than the story or do you prefer the edges, for example, the Galaxy Note 9?

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