Samsung and Xiaomi still have campaigns against Apple's backdrop. They should not


I was sure Asian famous telephones made a cure from the anticompies against Apple. The Galaxy S10 and Mi 9 galaxy spread today that Samsung and Xiaomi are still looking at an American rival. It's hard to look at it.

Samsung is a leader of its sophisticated mobile phone market. Xiaomi, later, from our vision underdog. It is by Huawei and Oppo one of the three most important signs of the Chinese market. He also has a great interest in Poland. His opinion is changing significantly, but it is still not in the minds of consumers as extremely physical.

But Samsung and Xiaomi are very common

The two makers have appeared on their market as … Apple's copy. In addition, Samsung has been fighting in the courts with an iPhone maker for many years and is often lost. In the meantime, it was sometimes said that he was inspired by a lot of competition equipment when he was planning more phones from the Galaxy line.

Xiaomi, likewise, was a company of China, who was not responsible for American patent law, even did not; surrender. Like Apple's photocopier, not just the design of the tools – in a more coherent way than ever before – but even a website looks like a product.

For both companies, the pattern "as Apple only cheaper" began to disturb

Samsung gave up smartphone phones in residential homes. Money earned on phones that affect iPhones and how they are called zetafonach, it started investing in the R & D department. The headteacher in terms of measurement over the years has been a leader technology. In addition, one of the few did not introduce it to fashion.

Xiaomi, like Samsung on a market, still does not; stands and is still more popular with iPhones, but its company has started to & # 39; Large investment in the middle and lower price. This includes grateful thanks to this brand, it offers smart solutions to smartphones, which can be purchased for PLN 1 in subscription.

Today, both have shown that their campaigns are still against the Apple terrain

Xiaomi raised its highest digital phones today, a few hours before the first Samsung devices. It is worth mentioning that the copier is damaging to # 39; Cupertino company among others is a wireless fee.

My 9 is capable of cutting 20 W electrons, as long as Apple is able to; supports cutting in Qi with a maximum power of 7.5 W. It's not known and when iPhone gets up to Xiaomi's smartphones in this regard.

Just what?

Xiaomi's designers can not, instead of a & # 39; focus on what their company is doing better, and # 39; Help Apple watch. Interestingly, this time to a smartphone they made a copy of the activity, not from iOS, but from the desktop system.

xiaomi my 9 interesting wallpapers

There is a Xiaomi Mi 9 wallpaper that varies according to the daytime. And maybe I would not pay attention to it, if it was not for the wilderness that there was a wilderness on her; This wall, which is almost the same as the one in Mojave macOS.

Mojave macOS

Samsung is not better

Yesterday, just before the first Galaxy S10, the Smart Things – Smart Home Home Center was upgraded. The program, which in its own unique style, created an amazing clone of the iOS home application. It appears that this form was found in iOS and … on Android.

And this is a little picchu. When I was preparing materials for Samsung's new devices, I was leave vu. In the description of the features of the new Korean smartwatch, you can "Apple Watch" be close to "Galaxy Watch Active" and sentences will still make sense. You can also see AirPods' clear energy in Galaxy Buds.

Even the smartphone phone has become suitable for Apple. You can not view the Galaxy S10e model – where the letter "e" is a & # 39; means "essential" – compared to the iPhone XR response. It's just a cheaper photocopy similar to a high model with a slightly smaller specification. Additionally (such as Apple & s) in magnificent color versions.

They should stop Apple

Xiaomi controls moderate and low prices. Most fans do not enjoy the & # 39; A company that likes it's iPhones, just for a high quality quality ratio. They even started a & # 39; criticized their brands when Apple was too big.

Samsung, then, threatens market ventures more than once. After that, Notea's firm has a special style and scanner – even Apple OLEDs orders from Asia's largest rival. The Koreans also make their own editors and are not responsible for Qualcomm.

Each year, they move to & # 39; business boundaries as far as possible

Often, in the next Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smart phones, the latest technologies in the world of mobile devices appear. Already many times Samsung has shown Apple a place in a row, not on the other. Nowadays, its company is again on & # 39; top due to Galaxy Fold, or a digital phone with a flexible folder.

That is why it's harder for me when old copyists return to their roots. I hope, however, that the two producers in 2020 – even Samsung and Xiaomi – will also use similar games. The two companies, after what they have already accomplished, just send photocopiers from the printout.

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