Samsung bells, three wrapped screen phones are not worthwhile! Qooah


Previously, Samsung placed the dual-texted dual-mobile mobile phone with a double track at the SDC Development Conference. However, according to foreign media statements, not the end of the mobile message in Samsung, Samsung will send a three-fold mobile phone next.

A new Samsung dual-screen device can be seen as a two-in-one "mobile phone" product + tablet ". It has two screens inside and out. It is a big screen. mobile phones and recordings. Samsung CEO Dongzhen also said in an interview that Samsung's mobile phone mobile purpose was the mobile phone done in a computer computer and doing more work outside the mobile phone. According to foreign media statements, Samsung learns from patent documents Samsung has designed a three-fold mobile phone, which will create a large hard screen format.

But at this time, Samsung is not able to launch a three-fold mobile phone, as in "mobile phone mode", the three-fold mobile phone has been heavy. However, with the development of technology, Samsung's day can make the screen and grow more intense and rigorous products, and the three-fold mobile phone will no longer be a dream.


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