Samsung could be paid by Niantic to develop specific actions



We got lots of emails and comments about it regret: collaboration between Samsung and Niantic; could & # 39; The first 40 million dollars were paid to the second for the development of specific Samsung tasks in the games (mostly Harry Potter games).

We want to give you an idea on the subject, & # 39; begins with information about the rumor:

  • The announcement for the first time in The Enquirer, an English site on technology that has made a successful reduction in the past. Although the success is not too big, the fact is that some were real mechanisms and (possibly) too much over.

With this in mind, we can review the "agreement" details:

  • Samsung would store 40 million dollars for "unique collaboration" with Niantic. Pokémon GO would not be included.
  • Niantic would not like to agree to Pokémon GO (thank you, sir) but it is possible that Harry Potter games (who were not normally Wizards Unite) could be able to using a Samsung pen drive as a copy.
  • The 40 million figure would have come after a two-war between the two companies.
  • Ingress, a priori, would not be included in the contract either.

We know that Niantic is doing well with Pokémon GO, just as we know Wizards Unite is developing along with Warner Bros Games. The game will be published by Portkey Games but – as they appear in the FAQs – will be developed by Warner Bros and Niantic together. By adding Samsung in the equation, we may be able to; waiting for the new Harry Potter game. Why? As the agreement with Niantic would be difficult if his third company was Warner Bros.

We also know that Samsung is filming into the mobile video game market. The latest Fortnite attempt was previously installed on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is easy to & # 39; Think of the reasons why they would look at Niantic but why did not Warner Bros have?

Finally, we know that John Hanke appeared at the Samsung 2018 Developer Conference (developers' conference), along with Tim Sweeney, founder and Head of Epic Games (Fortnite). This is, for the time, the same connection between Niantic and Samsung:

Things we do not know:

  • Who inserts this "information" to this information. The fire store would be anonymous. Quiz, right?
  • Why did that person (if so) pass this information in particular to the crackdown.
  • Why would something like that be so secret? We know that Niantic has specific actions for Apple (with Apple Watch and Pokémon GO) Why have they created this secret?

If the truths are true (and we believe it is not) but some of our responsibilities that are compatible with the Samsung edge. Do not bring many shields to the fortune because, as well, nothing seems to have anything to do with Pokémon GO.

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