Samsung Galaxy A-Series to detect Sensor-Detective Mechanism Access to Aegis Technology: Report


Samsung is expected to include fingerprint sensors in the & # 39; Galaxy S and Galaxy A lineup with ships expected to start from the end of 2018 or early in 2019. Just a few days after Qualcomm won orders from Samsung for its fingerprint sensors, a new report has been published. Application that another provider will be & # 39; Make eye-catching sensors for the Galaxy A series of smartphones. A report from South to South Wales has been published. make sure that Samsung has completed Aegis Technology as the supplier of those sensors.

According to a report in ETNews, the Taiwanese Aegis Technology company will provide the mechanical power of a mechanical fingerprint. featured for the Samsung Galaxy A (2019) line. The report states that the provider will make optical sensors for the phones, rather than the ultrasonic ones that Qualcomm will; Samsung provision for Galaxy S10. The new ultrasonic sensor is said to be more advanced than the fast-running solutions that are currently in the market, faster, and, play a broader range of recognition.

In terms of big differences, the flexible sensors are seated at the front of the handset, while the ultrasonic sense of their & # 39; Behavior behind the showcase. Also, it is reported that a glandicate awareness that affects the quality of the image is displayed, and they are also vulnerable to light and external effects. Ultrasonic senses also provide a 3D image of the mechanics, and & # 39; including installments and poles, makes it more accurate than the sensor sensor. As mentioned, a number of reports in the past have said that the Galaxy S10 will come with Qualcomm ultrasonic sensor.

A description of business resources, the report says that Samsung Electronics will introduce Aegis Technology's theoretical theory mechanics for the Galaxy A series in 2019. There were sources that were familiar with its; It argues that there were competitions in two companies (Aegis Technology and MediaTek's Goodix) opposing each other to find a contract for the sensors, but finally Aegis Technology got it.

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