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BANGKOK – Samsung's great tool has dealt with one of the most important issues facing many people in the modern world – the quality of a selfie phone camera.

His new Galaxy A80 will store the usual way by granting fencing and videos to be used by its own camera camera.

This is dependent on the company's new technology, which sends the camera on the phone when it is in selfie mode and then flows 180 degrees to face the face. T

As the selfie camera goes up and over the phone, it also gives the screen a chance to display a true theological presentation.

This means it is completely swept away by a bezel, the notch and even the hole-hole camera. So the completed screen displays and videos 6.7-inches in total can be completed.

Their innovations were shown at the phone's online campaign last night in Bangkok, which accompanied Milan and Sao Paulo to unveil their products at the same time.

Samsung said it had designed the A80 to cater for what it says "a living time", or the consumer move in times of real time.

And as consumers increasingly move to attack and engage in the live video moves themselves, a high-quality quality camera responds to them. needs.

The A80 phone comes with a three-toned camera – a 48-megapixel main camera with a 3-D depth depth and a wide square lens that has the same vision of a human eye.

The phone says that it is visiting the Super Steady video mode, which says it is more likely to be so thin and not to juggle in sudden scenery.

Another feature is defined by skin search technology, which tells you if you are having any problem from hitting the lens as a back light and the closed eyes.

Although the Samsung Galaxy A series will be viewed as a middle line of phones, the verification will confirm with new concepts and features, and finally the company's logo number and Note.

The A80 is available in three color schemes – angels black, black black and white ghost – and comes with 128GB of internal storage.

Although the phone's 3,700mA battery is not quite remarkable, there is an intelligent system that learns the user's daily patterns of use and does the best for energy use.

The Galaxy A80 will be available in Singapore in Q2 with prices to be listed.

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