Samsung Galaxy Fold test for stability: video


Samsung Galaxy Fold: video

Photo: video frame

The smartphone can be up to 200,000 loops

The device went through a series of sustainability tests. The writer states that he will be alive for five years.

The Samsung company has checked the Galaxy Fold's profile for stability. The writer says that the device can last for five years with 100 shifts per day. The video has been published on the company's YouTube page.

The flexible tests on smartphones passed automatically and without trodden repeatedly. As a result, it established that it maintained its integrity for at least 200,000 seeds.

The creators notice that the machine can last 5 years or more each day with 100 tunes per day.

The video shows a half-minute section with your smart blog tests. The car is leaning and looking at it. In this case, you don't know how the device will move when it makes contact with a person, because not everyone will handle the robot carefully.

It was said earlier that the net spread the main features of the phone phone Samsung Samsung Note10.

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