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Samsung published the Fold Galaxy on Wednesday during its non-packing event. This is the first mobile phone that can be submitted to the company. There is a flexible 7.3-inch screen called Samsung Infinity Flex in the device, it's $ 80.

Samsung is considering the Galaxy Fold as a left phone and a tablet. Fill on the device according to the company in its pocket and thanks to the screen on the # 39; cover as a normal satellite phone. The device can be backed up for multiple initiatives, reading digital magazines, and # 39; watch video and bids for a bigger fact.

The Fold can simultaneously display three apps at the same time on the screen, which Windows Windows Multi-Active allows. The display of the machine will automatically turn off, according to the opening or a & # 39; closing. In addition, the user can follow where he or she left: apps automatically open with satellite phone and tablet mode. Samsung worked with Google on the App Continuation application for Android.

Earlier, its company name indicates that 2152×1536 pixels have a resolution and a screen; 4.58 "sized cover and the inside screen is inside the resolution of 2152×1536 pixel and a 7.28 precise shape" with a resolution of 1960×840 pixels compared to 21: 9 .

According to its company, the flexible screen within 50% is more than the standard screen for smartphones, although Samsung is not clear whether it's a bit. make its comparison with the OLED panels itself. The screen provides a new type of polymer series that provides extra flexibility and strength. No protection glass can be provided with the Infinity Flex screen.

The two elements of the Fold are tied together through a wheelbarrow with gears wheels, which are included in the household. The battery and other electricity components are discharged in order to make the two mechanisms weight around the same size so that the device is stable in the hand. The reader finds fingers on his process in one of the sides.

There are three machine cameras, similar to the Galaxy S10 +: a 12-megapixel sensor man and one f / 1.5 lens with a 77-degree angle angle, one with the same arrangement with telephoto lens, 39; height and f / 2.4 opening and 16 megapixel with an ultra-broader 2.2 / lens, with an angle of 123 degrees.

When opened, there are two face cameras, one with a 10-megapixel sensor and a f / 2.4 and 8-megapixel open with a deep rgb sensor. The front cameras have a good reputation on the right to the right. The machine is equipped with 12GB ram and 512GB storage and is a 4380mAh battery capacity. It is 64bits in its & # 39; an eighth echo that was done at 7nm, it's probably a Samsung 855 Snapdragon, a & # 39; creating Exynos 9820 at 8am.

The Fold Galaxy is available in silver, black, green and blue. The publication date in Europe is 3 May and the cost of Samsung has reported $ 1980. Its electronic prototype firm of its mobile device appeared this November. Other makers also work on similar tools, such as Huawei.

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