Samsung Galaxy S10 could come in Cinnabar Red


An image that shows a redhead of the Cannabar red color of Samsung Galaxy S10 has come out of China, Add to the selection of colors for the upcoming story, which (based on the recent reports) black, white and green. Yellow color is only for the S10e, the red may also be restricted to just the S10.

Across border boundaries, this image may not be complicated – the color of color is important in China, and # 39; symbolizes good luck and luck. It is particularly common when the most recent years in China, but that is to be completed before the S10 is published. Still, cannabis has been used for decorative purposes in China long ago.

Samsung Galaxy S10 in Red Cinnabar (not confirmed)

Samsung Galaxy S10 in Red Cinnabar (not confirmed)

Another option is that this is a limited edition, following some avatar judge (although we need to admit, this is not a character we recognize – are you ?).

Anyway, reports from experts are quite consistent with the Galaxy S10 color settings and have not been redirected in a long time. There is no doubt that S10 red appears again, but it is not clear if color is displayed.


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