Samsung Galaxy S10 Extra with 12GB RAM and 1TB Storage Now For Malaysia For RM 5999


This particular difference Galaxy S10 Plus was not available in Malaysia when the Samsung Galaxy S10 series introduced into the market several weeks ago. That is changing this week although the 1TB version of Galaxy S10 Plus is now easily available in Malaysia.


However, the declaration has not come directly from Samsung Malaysia. He instead came from the famous seller, t DirectD also that customers can purchase the phone immediately from any of their branches.

Complete with 12GB RAM, customers who bought the phone have prices RM 5999 is also available as the Galaxy A9 (the phone with a quad camera) is a free gift. Since Samsung Malaysia has not yet officially published the phone itself, it cannot be proven by DirectD itself, otherwise it will also be available to Samsung Samsung.

Since DirectD said the tool is coming with the Samsung Malaysia warranty, the Galaxy S10 Plus model with 12GB of RAM and 1TB storage is expected to be seen by retailers very quickly.

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