Samsung Galaxy S10 has the 10th anniversary of 4 models? The 5G version has a larger screen and has 6 shots.


In 2019, the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S series, Samsung's 10th anniversary device "Galaxy S10" will look at & # 39; market. There are three modules in the S10 series, which is one in addition to this year's S9. However, according to Wall Street Journal (WSJ), there will be 4 S10s, and one will support 5G communication and use a larger screen. With 6 lenses.

The WSJ Japanese statement is reported on the 21st, its related sources, saying that Samsung is proposing to launch the S10 series modules next year, as well as the three modules called Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2, Samsung is also developing its & # 39; Fourth model, the code is on the other side X.

According to the source, it is 5.8 ~ 6.4 in the # 39; many Beyond 0/1/2 screens, and Beyond X will use a larger 6.7 screen use and will support 5G communication, and will be fitted with 6 lenses (back / back) 4 lenses).

The person in charge said Samsung had a news conference in mid-February next year. At that time, the Galaxy S10 (Beyond X) model that is a & n; supporting 5G release, but a 5G service premium at its telecom operator. The S10 modules will be sold earlier than the 5G model.

In terms of 13:10 on the 21st trip in Taipei, Samsung fell 1.64% to 42,100, and its shared price fell by around 17% to date this year.

(This article has been reproduced by MoneyDJ News; it is the first Galaxy S9 photo; Source: Flickr / Aaron Yoo CC BY 2.0)

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