Samsung Galaxy S10 shows a big toll in the show


Samsung's Galaxy S phones are usually mentioned in the first season of the year, so we are still a few months since the present. We already have an idea of ​​what the device looks like, however, with 91-phone OnLeaks thanks.

91 users recognize these devices as a "Galaxy S10 Plus," and it's going well with previous facts about S10. There are four cameras on the back (it is said to be a broad lens, telephony lens, camera, and a deep camera for bokeh effects) and two cameras on the front. The face-to-face design is slower compared to the Galaxy S9, and for its & # 39; Samsung faces a new "punch hole" design. Camera holes should not have an active difference rather than camera comparison. It will be a dead place of the screen, and long and last; Can you locate the area above their camera as a dead place, Samsung has a? bending its display technology and around pyramid camera. Again there is a lot of consultation here: Samsung named the "Infinity-O" display technology before.

A screen hole is a new thing for an Android device, but in the product shop it's likely to work in the same way as the camera. Android broadens the bar around the display hole, which offers a normal rectangular position, uninterrupts applications, but only the system is running; dealing with its multi-functional display shape at a & # 39; the summit. Regarding these galaxy Galaxy S10, the standard bar is likely to be twice higher than usual to be able to; circulation of the exhibition hole.

It is also likely to have a heart level sensor at the end of the back camera camera, but you will not see any hard postcard reader anywhere. The S10 is expected to still have an in-screen fingerprint reader: an unexpected device, a Qualcomm in-screen. Certainly, this week, Qualcomm called the "3D sound sensor," its ultrasonic ear section. We have already seen the OnePlus 6T with an optional screenshots reader, but this did not take a 2D picture of your fingerprint. The capacitor of Qualcomm senses is capable of mapping ridges and glinns for your fingers in 3D, so it should be more secure. Moving to a reader inside the screen, Samsung is dumping the technology that is going on; hand-held scanning of the company that was debated in the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016.

Anything else mentioned in these terms: Samsung is hosting it; mobile phones! The 3.5mm fully compatible jack is still available at the bottom of the phone, along with a USB-C port and a speaker. This will be done as one of the only major outlook (possibly with LG) to keep the phone number around. The Bixby button appears to be still there.

Between having three different S10 thrushes, as well as a 5G version, as well as moving into pacifier devices, Samsung is said to have a " Depresses five prestigious telephone modules for early 2019.

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