Samsung Galaxy S10: This is the new device for a wireless gift


The Samsung Galaxy S10, its Galaxy S10e Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy Fold Plasma Models were officially opened. Indeed, this again includes a wide range of displays – a & # 39; including a double fuel tank station for medical energy supply and a power bank with a wire tax.

Wireless tax is a crucial factor for Samsung in the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold, and that is why the Coronary furnace manufactures his / her; Introducing two new features that support this. On the one hand, the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad EP-P5200, on the other hand, is Samsung EB-U1200 Wireless Wireless Power Bank.

Charger Wireless Samsung Pad Duo EP-P5200The new dock for radio caption …
Charger Wireless Samsung Pad Duo EP-P5200… Duo Pad Charger Wireless Samsung

The new paper of Wireless Charger Duo Pad has been revitalized last year, which, as well as being a & # 39; technology design, certainly not much done. Users can use them to empower the new Galaxy S10, the Galaxy Fold or any other textphone with a wire tax work, as well as an appropriately equipped smartwatch, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.

The pad has room for both and it is obvious that it is intended to add to its & # 39; cradle in 2018 with flat flat mode. Transposed by USB-C power supply, the Duo Pad offers up to 10 watts of Qi cutting on the large taxation area, and the small fee panel can deliver up to 5 watts for the clock or on a device other. It will be available in the black and white colors and costs around 100 euros on Amazon.
Samsung EB-U1200 Wave Power BankSamsung EB-U1200 Wave Power Bank

The Samsung Powerless Power Bank is also equipped with the Qi Charging consistent and tailored fee function and the coil corresponds to the roof. With a capacity of 10,000 mAh, it can produce power devices such as Galaxy S10e, S10 +, S10, and Galaxy Gold, without cable use.

It is restricted to a maximum 5-watt power when wages are paid, so that there is no fast cost support here. However, if you require the power line via USB-C, it will give up to 15 watts for the device itself in this way, so that other smart and hard-working phones can be expressed very quickly in this way. Priced is the Samsung Non-Power Power Bank, which is available in cash and pink for purchase, at just under € 40.

Free Powerbank for all Active Watch Galaxy

Amazon's Samsung Galaxy Watch Active new suppressors will receive this freebank if they are ordering them before 12 March 2019. The new smartwatch currently costs 249 euros, it is available in different colors and will be delivered on 14 March.

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Dock, Samsung Galaxy S10, Wireless Fee, Charge Dock, Tax Dock, EP-P5200, Guno Gun-Guns Samsung
Dock, Samsung Galaxy S10, Wireless Fee, Charge Dock, Tax Dock, EP-P5200, Guno Gun-Guns Samsung

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