Samsung Galaxy S10E smart phones are similar to Samsung's Samsung XR response


There is a slightly older frame and gear is weaker.

Samsung already 20 February 2019 to include its new main feature. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + new model S10E. This is the cheapest of the main symbols, with which specific negotiations are also linked. If this controversy is similar to Apple and iPhone XR, you are not alone.

The product revealed with Samsung Galaxy S10E on the internet, and we immediately thought about it compared to the cheapest iPhones. There are older frames of both iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy S10E compared to their brothers and some features are also weaker. There is just one iPhone and LCD display on the iPhone XR, The Galaxy S10E will be bilingual and not a triple camera and the display will only be limited. There will also be no fingerprint reader, which moves to its power side button.

We can see more information for a few days. Anyway, if you want Samsung very good phone with a slightly lower price and a flat screen, Is the favorite Galaxy S10E for 2019.

Top: Samsung Galaxy S10. Below: Samsung Galaxy S10E does not have a rough rough frame around the display, which is also provided by the presentation. Well: Evan Blass

Well: Twitter

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