Samsung has completed its & # 39; opinion on minimalism and use of space with the new Space and amazingly versatile survey


Without the ones who fight in the anti-crab cabinet, they are look for "zen deck" and their dream is to build & # 39; cathstation & no; Setup & # 39; a & # 39; make their best of their place, because we have good news. Samsung just submit an investigation that's just a & # 39; meet what is needed for place enthusiasts and the order of the desk.

He is cited Samsung Space Monitor and his focus is just to take advantage of the space on our desktop, to hiding the cabbages and being able to move at devolution, where we can even do it. and carries it against the wall to have a bigger place.

Even the frameworks are very small

Thinking about the beginning of that CES 2019, Samsung wanted to take a look at some of the things we see during the sale in Las Vegas, where the section of last examiners is getting a new member who is in a position; Try to attack the smallest division and use of room.

Although they have not provided technical information, we know that the Samsung Space Monitor is available in two sizes: one of 27 inches with QHD resolution, and 32 inches with 4K arrangement. In both cases, the design will be the same, where the panel will use a lot of the face; minimize the frames as little as possible.

The distinctive element of the Space Monitor is its arm or support, which can be linked to any desk and allows us to move the survey to the user's taste. We can completely keep it to the wall without going to & # 39; worry about the cables or on their own arm, since this one is connected to the inspection and here, the cabbages will pass both power and HDMI, so that they are not open.

This ergonomic change that allows us to bring our arm closer to us and even placed on the table or on the desktop, can proceed, we can prove it in a number of ways, which will allows us to achieve hard-working flexibility today on scrutiny.

Writing from the pictures, This design makes us sacrifice the thickness of the survey, by integrating the back arm and the system to insert the cables as well as the access to the tunnels that increase the volume larger than the cell; usual.

So far, prices and dates are not available on the Samsung Space Monitor, but we will surely get more information at CES 2019.

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