Samsung is holding a & # 39; fierce, but Huawei attacks powerful. Are we going to live for new market places every year? –


The decline in the world in the mobile phone market is not surprising, but it is a question, who is a? get along with the new situation. There has been a lot of say over the last few weeks about the Samsung and Apple arguments, but it's still going to be the case. The first two lines are enough for now.

It's interesting as Huawei. Year after year, this company jumped from 42 to 61 million a quarter, or about 18.5 million. And now the first Samsung is missing 10 million. Does this mean we will see bigger shift and new market areas next year? Not sure, yes. It can never grow, and the last steps are often the heavier one …

The Fourth Vivo does not really disturb us in the Czech Republic, although we are finally able, in the context of European expansion, we will come against us. The fifth Xiaomi allowed the progress of previous growth and dropped 1.4% annually.

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