Samsung is producing a mobile giant with a 5G camera and camera


It is not clear where the line goes down.

According to the latest information, Samsung aims to make a smaller (or even bigger) wonder for the coming year.

It is in the form of a device that stands out as "Beyond X". He does not have to go into the Galaxy S10 family, but can be brought in together. The site identifies its & # 39; subject.

Samsung Galaxy S9 +

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A large 6.7-inch display is in X. In addition, they will be armored up to the sixth camera sensors, separately. traffic. On the back, it has a four-dimensional camera and a face face camera is bilingual.

Samsung is planning to & # 39; calling Huawei for a battle, with a number of models currently with a triple camera, and may be "converted" next year for his & her; fourth time.

The Mate 20 Pro project will provide a 1440p high resolution presentation.

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Huawei: Make ready for a banner with a four camera camera

The new Beyond X will also be ready for 5G 5th generation networks.

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