Samsung is working on a "secret tight" Galaxy with 6 cameras


So far, Samsung seems to be next year. The South Korean company is providing us with a great number of great news in 2019 and wants to show the competitors why it is still the world's largest mobile maker.

Initially, we expect the family to introduce Galaxy S10 smartphones. The jubilee number suggests that we will know many major changes. Another important mobile phone is the digital phone we've seen for the first time at Samsung conferences this month. But now the Wall Street Journal has started with another "big" textphone that is said to be "To secret mystery."

This secret device, known as "Beyond X", is even better than the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. Up to six cameras should be equipped – as the first mobile from Samsung. This means two face cameras and four cameras on the # 39; behind. According to the source, it will give you better pictures and a more spatial view of camera.

Samsung Galaxy A9 | source:

The mobile should come by a 6.7 inch screen, which is slightly larger than the Galaxy S10 + (6.4 inches). He did not lose either support for the latest 5G, we have not yet seen it in action. Samsung's secure mobile phone should be taken into account in response to the slide in smartphones. It is equipped with the best possible for the company and trying to reach even the most difficult users. Indeed, we will see it sometime in mid-next year.

On the way, this report also commented on the new Galaxy S10 information. For example, let's see "wire radio tax" similar to those we saw with Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Thank you very much, you can carry other devices voluntarily and use your move as a backup resource.

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