Samsung launches a QLED TV 2019 series at the Samsung European Forum in Porto


The new QLED 8K Q950R series offers modules from 163 cm (65 to 249 cm (98 & ​​# 39; & # 39;), and the QLED 4K Q90 / 85 / 80/70 / 60R including modules of 109 cm (43 & # 39; & # 39;) to 208 cm (82 & # 39; & # 39;)

Accessibility provided the entire 2013 QLED television series at the European Samsung Forum in Porto, which was held at Porto Alfando Transport Center.

The Samsung Forum is the three-day Samsung event, which offers visitors to the QLED TV 2019 series, more than 2,000 partners, customers and media representatives from across the region.

This time, for the first time, 8K and 4K displays are only on display. These include the 8K Q950R modules between 165 cm (65 & 393) and 249 cm (98 & ​​# 39; & # 39;) – the largest models. Although the 4K series generates the Q90R and Q85R – the only one on a European market – and also the Q80R, Q70R and Q60R, they are 109 cm (43 & # 39; & # 39;) to 208 cm (82 & 39) in size. The QLED 2019 series gives more than 20 modules, and # 39; including massive TV modules.

There are huge models of televisions in the new series as part of an overall Samsung strategy that comes from users' changing needs. According to Markit IHS, the size of a television market of 190.5cm or more than 2.1 million units is scheduled in 2018. And the 2019 rehearsal indicates that the market for large television shows will increase by 43% to 3 million unit and 5.8 million units by 2022 *.

"Last year we see self-confidence and dedication to our customers' Samsung Samsung QLED TV," said Samsung Electronics Vice President, Jongsuk Chu, saying: "This year , our QLED 8K and 4K series will respond to the growing demand for major TV programs and we are proud to present the latest television series shelf and stunning. "

Black black and angle view & # 39; – where QLED is in a curved shape.

As part of the QLED Samsung technology technology, the QLED TV 2019 series has a "Ultra-Angle Angle" technology that has been re-organized on the TV panel so that lighting through the light panel can be installed. over the screen. Samsung QLED TV 2019 presents the profile of the image with a deeper and wider angle of view with the help of the technology that is named. In addition to "Ultra Zorni kot" technology, the QLED TV 2019 series is also marked by its name. "Direct-Full-Array" modules control more advanced variations, allowing a deeper definition of the black without blurring colors **.

Continuing to & # 39; 8K model, the new QLED 4K models are equipped with the Quantum process, which allows QLED 4K tools to make content of different purposes with color detail detail, photo quality and sound made better for each image with false information.

All the models of the Samsung QLED TV 2019 series are equipped with HDR10 + technology, where the creators' ideas of living creativity and even the # 39; And the smallest differences between the light appliances are very clear. 8K TV models also support HDMI 2.1 (8K 60P) and QLED users 8K a & # 39; Getting high quality content on playback services that use "8K AI Upscaling" technology.

There is a complete knowledge of television with beautiful Bixby technology and open platform

With Bixby technology, which features a QLED TV 2019 series, users will access the content with voice commands through the Samsung Universal Guide, which allows users to find content based on the study of past and election conventions.

To provide more fun options and open platforms, Samsung Smart TVs enable iTunes Films and TVs, and Apple AirPlay support 2. Users with new applications can access the iTunes library which is already and watch the iTunes store. With the help of Apple AirPlay 2, Samsung users can enjoy Apple material from Android devices directly to Samsung smart TV.

Samsung's television shows this year also include Amazon Alexo and Google Help, which help users turn on the television or control the sound with voice commands.

An environmental route for more art

Samsung QLED TV, with your usual mode, allows you to show a variety of information, including news, weather, pictures and art content. There are many showcases that allow users to create an indoor space and atmosphere based on their own choices. Users can now disseminate environmental content with music, even & # 39; s when the television is off. The automated light control sensor provides the best light in an environment with low power measurement.

The Frame with QLED technology

Samsung is also given the Frame provided by the Samsung European Forum, with a QLED display, which improves the quality of image delivery and and; shaped the place to a gallery of good art.

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