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It's been a bit of Samsung's resettlement phones in the next generation, the SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 series, but recent facts have gone on. The ET News website published that it has had staff within the screen supply chain, saying that its SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 series will accept the A new OLED model of M9 model, with three versions with a smooth screen 5.8, 5.8 concave screen screen and 6.2 吋 (another rumor 6.44 吋) curb screen, which is expected to match the relative version prices, original layout, and the big screen of Screen Plus. It is said that the last two versions will support screw scratch.

Samsung S10 Infinity-O panel with 5G content that has a sensor suspicion ToF

▲ rooms SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 uses Samsung Infinity-O panel itself. (Well: SLASHLEAKS)

Earlier, a set of remake panel pictures appeared in the Samsung Infinity-O on the internet. The rounded aperture was visible in the top left corner. SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 was considered to be the screen used. Another was saying that the Galaxy S10 has 4 colors of black, white, yellow and green, maybe it's a gradient group. In addition to the three versions listed above, the SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 series will also be released to support the 5G network conversion. The designation is the main perspective. The model is within Beyond X, which will be bilingual and four lens marks. The ToF (Time of Flight) device is designed before and after the fuselage. The opposition can be used to improve 3D identity identity work. The back is used to find the distance and size of the environment and the aims. The data is used for related activities AR / VR.

Samsung S10 Infinity-O panel with 5G content that has a sensor suspicion ToF

▲ Galaxy S9 SAMSUNG series was launched in 7 colors, and says that the color option of a Galaxy S10 body is slightly different from the previous generation.

Gao Dongjin, president of Samsung mobile devices department, said a letter inside the new development project, said he regretted Samsung's smartphone business in trouble at present, but will still try the best to make it & # 39; managing the company to launch and marry SAMSUNG Galaxy 10. Mobile phones to overcome the problems. From the above comments, many new well-known new machines can be seen high. On the one hand, just Samsung's mobile phone mobile phone was launched over 10 years. In addition, it is estimated that there are many new devices like Samsung's; overcome sales performance. Antidote math. Interestingly, a letter inside Gao Dongjin describes "Galaxy 10" instead of "Galaxy S10", which is thought to be a new product; Could not be named, or just a letter required. However, the above information has not been confirmed by Samsung.

Samsung S10 Infinity-O panel with 5G content that has a sensor suspicion ToF

▲ 5G version SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 version behind main lens camera. (The picture shows the 2018 version of SAMSUNG Galaxy A9)

Source: SamMobile, The Herald Korea, ET News

Updated: 2018/11 / 21-15: 01

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