Samsung says Corephotonics, an Israeli company that specializes in camera technology, has purchased.


Seeing the level of shooting of mobile phones has been continued or exceeded the two years; away, it is clear that Samsung is still unable to sit. Today we heard some news about their efforts in this area. According to Calcalist and Globes, South Carolina giants have earned $ 155 million to get Corephotonics from Israel, who would be familiar with the development of digital camera technology that has quality image enhancement (Apple has been prosecuted also for bankruptcy).

So far, both parties have chosen not to comment on the construction. However, even though the business is true, it will take time to see the results of joint working between the two sides. It is worth saying that Corephotonics has agreed a strategic bid to Oppo last year, and the two companies have been working together to develop a number of technologies including zoomed periscope. If Samsung has a very important Corephotonics, it may not be easy for the partner to see "help" this in the future.

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