Samsung will be showing a new video that will show the Galaxy stability!


The Galaxy Fold is still supported by Galaxy fans who are looking forward to designing traditional and outdated phones every year.

Test Samsung Galaxy Fold sustainability

Test Samsung Galaxy Fold sustainability

Test Samsung Galaxy Fold sustainability

The Galaxy Reic will begin to sell within a month of now and will cost 2000 euro, an uncomplicated sum for a phone, and so future customers expect to buy high quality and sustainability for this high price.

For that reason, Samsung is aware that some people are fearful of paying some euros in a wake phone. So a Korean company went out of a phone test to prove that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 200,000 can carry wheels easily.

This test includes the Return of the Return package with a device that will open and close for a week for 200,000 fold in total, which is the same as overall phone usage. 5 years if opened and locked 100 times a day!

Samsung Galaxy Fold:

This video will have a big effect on the sales level that is expected for the Phone Galaxy, look at the above video and let us know what you think about the voice of the opinion.

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