Samsung will have to deactivate a & # 39; making new Blu-ray players


Short but certainly spinning discs are out, and Samsung just has a & # 39; add another guy in their coffin. Company name Forbes It has made it 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players – and CNET It is possible to confirm that Samsung has stopped trying to & # 39; Perform at least some of the 1080p Blu-ray players as well.

"Samsung will not introduce more Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray player in the US market," said Samsung spokesman CNETSouth Westerly

Technically, there is still the potential that Samsung can continue to do it is Blu-ray players for months or years to come – there are still several models on the company – or the introduction of new ones in specific countries outside the USA. Samsung has been asked to clarify.

But by badly speaking, Samsung has probably justified that it's a? abolishing a Blu-ray business, as Oppo did to April last year.

Although Samsung had enough about 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays to hit all other companies to find out on their own. a pockey with the first player in 2016, not surprisingly, Samsung could go out early now. Discs have been drained, with a & # 39; The latest Nielsen research company mainly uses Blu-ray and DVD players an an example of technology that is on its way out.

"Some of the tools, such as DVD / Blu-ray players, are at the level of their world-class decline as they have a clear growth device," a & # 39; reads the Nielsen Q2 2018 report, saying that only 66 per cent of television watching families are now at 72 per cent of the previous year. Nielsen also says that the usual US adult costs only 5 minutes per day – with a & # 39; The least of any screen activity – using Blu-ray or DVD player.

Image: Nielsen

And streaming services have also gone up considerably, especially by making 4K streams cheaper. Apple and Google sell 4K films for the same price as currently 1080p HD, and will increase your HD movies to 4K free. In particular, Amazon also added the prices. In addition, a 4K linear device has never been cheaper than it is now.

You could probably argue that the disk is still the best, with the best possible picture and sound. I really like to appear Blu-ray myself. But between the rise of flow and 4K films are not always 4K but are often masked at lower ambitions, they may not be as strong as an industry.

Sony may not have been very tough when leaving a 4K Blu-Ray game from the PS4 Pro. It might have been just slow.

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