Samsung will include paid newslines during the Galaxy S10 event


Samsung seems to be just over a week away from sending the world a bit; first sight of the true pocket phone design. His rescue video company now published its & # 39; Showing the words "the future unfolds" to include a & # 39; on the device similar to the book. You will find details next week, on February 20, during the Samsung Galaxy S10 event.

Vacant phones have begun to last over the last few months, and even brought the first world perspective on its. His ability to make a paper screen in November. It was very good to show, with Samsung to Holding an appliance that seems to fall easily from a book in a closed book. But Samsung hid a specific information: the machine was kept up in the dark, and it seemed like it was hidden inside such a case, to see what it was like.

It is not clear if the phone is full of boxes next Wednesday, which will add the Galaxy S10. But Samsung makes it very clear that there is a kind of the first perspective in the resource.

The teaser also has a great music, like something that would play like a # 39; The first function of a sci-fi movie that runs up and their warriors have a & # 39; See something that has never been seen. You should turn the sound on, which I say.

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