Samsung won 30 awards


Samsung Electronics, world technology director, has not named his 30 innovative CES® 2019 award winning material, including two of the highest prizes for innovation.

CES Awards recognized by tools and services that show special design and engineering of the most advanced technologies. The awards emphasize the rich heritage of their achievements; company in the development of specific strategies that are in place; leading business forward. This time they won an award Samsung products are distributed in a variety of areas, such as examiners, fitness, sport and biotechnology, respiratory phones, chronic home, wealthy and rich facts, computer equipment, parts and peripherals, audio / video in a vehicle and sustainability and eco of trial.

"In the last year, we made important investments in the 5G, IoT and AI areas. We are honored to be our prize for our hard efforts to help consumers and businesses make possible things that are not possible in the future. I am very proud of the creative, creative and innovative way of the team to offer the best solutions to its market," Tim Baxter, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics for North America said.

The CES is a trading indicator of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) ™. Most of the Samsung results are displayed at CES 2019, which will be held in the Samsung exhibition center in the center of the Las Vegas Convention Center hall between 8 and 11 January next year.

The details of selecting a winning Samsung products are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy Note9 – Series Galaxy Note has always been regarded as an innovation behaviour with Samsung. The galaxy Galaxy Note9 is very powerful to build on its legacy; before. The Galaxy Note9 is powerful enough to keep up with your lifestyle – with a powerful full-time battery, New Pen Pen, who is now working with Bluetooth technology, the Samsung smartphone camera, and its ability to expand 1 TB memory.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 –The 2-in-1 chart is created for people who want to do more on the trip. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 helps to work more accelerated by making it easier. maintain high level achievement. With Samsung DeX, long-term battles, Detailed Pen Pen S and four AKG speakers. The new album brings more productivity and more sport – anywhere and at any time.

Watch Samsung Galaxy – Premium, a powerful powerful clock for those who want to do everything – and at the same time they're good. The long-lived battery provides excellent information to the user. With a Samsung screenplay with a mobile message and a wider range of style options, you'll find a smart clock that looks like a traditional clock and it's amazing to use it. With over 39 exercises and active activities and new activities for sleep and stress, a powerful and powerful watch is focused on their health and wellbeing.

Schedule It is a combination of wireless hitting rack and a wire passport. The device allows users to cut the phone quickly at the same time as another with Qi with a compatible telephony or mobile device. The truck will eliminate the need to & # 39; connect to cables every time you need to cut your battery's battery and the source is included in & # 39; provides easy access to a phone show.

Samsung DeX – Samsung DeX is a computer user experience based directly from their Samsung Galaxy device. Just connect to your mobile device to browse or modify the Galaxy TabS4 settings. Samsung DeX provides users with the phone or tablet to use them as a slide-tab or keyboard. Samsung DeX gives a "double mode" until they are working on a survey – whether they are involved in a video or drag talk and its; making notes – they can continue to use their phone or tablet. Connect your Galaxy Note9 to Samsung DeX and show your display, then move between the slides to the Pen Pen S.

SmartThings Administrator – A small light GPS tracking device connected through the LTE-M network helps people quickly to monitor the most important aspects. Although a sports buck is lost somewhere in school, or a pet that can be far away from home, things can easily be found in real time through the SmartThings application, which is consistent with the Android and iOS operating system. Family members can also use SmartThings Tracker and stay connected. They do this by using the # 39; Place their placement to the SmartThings application, which warns the rest of the family about their place. And when SmartThings is going on, SmartThings Tracker can be used as an accessible sensor; Encourage self-movement, such as the lights light attached to the doorstep when the device is inside a range.

Headphones HMD Odyssey + – Mixed Windows genre the mobile phones will support users with sharp details that are displayed; offer comfort while at the same time allowing the user to go to; attack their favorite game and its impact. In addition to the Super AMOLED displays, the Odyssey + HMD mobile phones, known as Anti-Screen (anti-SDE), have new display technology. Players of computer games now need not be disturbed for why they are critical and why their vision is removed. The incredible design of the HMD Odyssey + is enhanced by rich and advanced AKG audio technology, including a 360 ° sound and a 110 ° visual vision – all this is a giving a stronger and realistic knowledge.

Samsung Galaxy Ace – For those who want smart smart phones, the Galaxy A6 offers an amazing exhibition, a powerful camera and a new level of comfort. With the Super AMOLED display with nothing, your material will be revived with bright and rich colors. With the option of extending memory, the A6 Galaxy offers enough room for videos, music and other files. With a 16 megapixel camera and 16 megapixel camera, users can capture amazing pictures and self-images; the F1.7 has a camera with & # 39; allowing images to be clear and clear in light situations.

Samsung LM302S – The easiest platform that can be used for a future generation generation, which is currently available, is designed to improve the efficiency of the work with everyday performance of healthier circadian rhythms (sleep circles / warnings). This performance will be done by & # 39; promoting daily continuity and healthy sleeping. In a human-oriented solution, Samsung LED can improve the person's weight and work efficiency up to 10 percent. In addition, it allows people to sleep better at night, as the LM302S machine prevents secretion of melatonin hormone during the day.

Samsung SSM-U Series – New mode of a cluster module with a series of small radar sensors with more feelings looking more than normal and non-visible transcript for more flexibility in quick home lighting. The SSM-U series can be simple and simple searching and & # 39; Give the signal to other light control components at the right time.

Samsung 256GB 3DS DDR4 RDIMM – The fastest DDR4 in the industry and the model with the highest memory density for recreational enterprise service platforms is provided with latest upgrading infrastructure solutions for broadband and high power consumption (15 watt at 1.2V).

Universal Flash Stream 512GB Samsung – The first 512-gigabyte Universal Flash database (eUFS) for Automatic A7V systems and new mobile devices on the next generation. using the new Samsung 64-layered 512-gigabit V-NAND shields. The 512 GB eUFS HD HD 5GB video transfer will transfer to the SSD in about six seconds, more than eight times faster than the current microSD card.

Samsung 3.84TB NVMe Z-SSD – The SZ1733 offers a new level of storage for supercomputing, designed to monitor hard data, big data and Internet applications, and # 39; using Samsung Z-NAND's new teams that provide more cell reading 10 times the V-NAND 3-bit teams.

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