Samsung would be working on a new version of Gear IconX


Samsung would be working on a new version of Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung I used to manufacture New version of your Wireless IconX gear accessories wanted to be present in the first month of 2019. Although it was a & # 39; The company would leave this logo, and choose a new option (the Samsung Buds) now, it seems that it's a? return to a newly revised version.

These mobile phones, which are consistent with Bixby's metal supporter, and especially for a market snowthey reached with them 8GB of internal storage and would be available in the range of white, black and yellow colors, as marked by SamMobile.

So, according to this new version of wireless headlines it would be marked by the SM-R170 model number and they are also expected to be more devolution of use, more than 7 hours separately, which offer a & # 39; her first version.

Samsung gave his IconX Gear windows to the Galaxy device device

Samsung would work on a new version of the IconX Gear eyebrows

The source also shows Samsung is possible Amalgamate your IconX Gear extracts with AKG listening technology, the Harman producer recently discovered by the South Korean multinationalist, although this was Increase its price significantly of the new headphones.

In addition, there are also facts that show those who came up with a smart Samsung Gear Sport watch and Gear Fit Gear Gear 2. We also remembered a few days ago that there were news about the show Grateful about the Galaxy Sport, a smart watch Gear Sport and Galaxy Watch replace the ones that were in the past.

Samsung would be working on a new version of Samsung Gear IconX

Is it possible Samsung Who is present with your smart smart smart and your new headphones? We do not know. At this time, the source names it The IconX Gears also participated in the Galaxy family, take it.

That is the fact – for a moment – they're just rooms and there is no official proof with the South Choir company. We may not have to wait too long to find out, since a new edition of CES will be held sooner, The most important technology opportunity in the world and that is held annually in Las Vegas (Nevada), the United States.

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