Samsung's flexible flexible phone will appear next Wednesday


Through a new appliance for its great event next Wednesday, Samsung has made it clear that we see its first flexible flexible phone. company. It is still visible that there is a full show, but that everything else would face up on marketing.

It seems to be a full event with up to four different Galaxy S10 modules, as well as the mobile phone. Samsung may also display a new user watch by Tizen. The Galaxy S10 series can be a cuartet rising: the Galaxy S10e entry module, and then Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 +, and special S10 + edition with 12GB RAM, 1TB and ceramic support.

For those who try to build a new smartphone this year and like Samsung, the S10 series may be the biggest interest. It is anticipated that the mobile phone will have a flexible price of around 1700 dollars in the US, so it will cost the "receiver".

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