Samsung's smartphone phones have a fastening position of the screen by clicking on the screen. removing your pictures


Samsung has one of the smallest mobile phones clear to not be aware of light lights. This smartphone sensor is used to display the location of the auto show.

Samsung is also doing smartphones today, which I can not do because of a hard drive unit. However, engineers have a solution that they do not enjoy.

The latest update for Samsung Galaxy J8 has released interesting news. In addition to AR Emoji and support for VoLTE directly, automatic clarity will also be included. If you succeed in this option, the phone will be locked to kill "selfie", " based on which it is then the color setting. Samsung says the pictures not save, it's just about it a way to find out how light is appropriate.

This update or the same kind of Samsung smartphones currently available is clear. Anyway, this is one of the most controversial news. What do you say to her? Please tell us in the debate below!

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