Samsung's warning to Galaxy S10 owners is important


Now that there are many biotrophic alternatives now available to protect your smart phones, you might think your device was completely secure. But unfortunately, we have been able to show several expeditions in the exams that some cases are being turned out to picture or even to another.

Emanuele Cisottimore recently, the author of Smartworld, Italy, released a video installation about how the recently-named Samsung S10 + Face detector, Samsung, was performing. selfie on another phone display.

Samsung also mentioned concerns about S10 phones. According to the company he made, the main reason for addressing this is to make it easier and quicker to publicize our mobile – he's actually looking at him and his mobile phones! is in use. However, they are also safer to use an ultrasonic fingerprint reader built in the exhibition. what we get is a little longer than you answer, but that may not be a great deal for security.

There is potential for repetition against S10 because the mobile device does not scan the 3D front – the essential sensors have no space in the device, which has a camera query below the panel in the top right corner.

It is not yet known whether Samsung hopes to develop the system soon.

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