San Martin can not spend more time: on Friday is Garcia returning, and "Tino"?


San Martin lives a difficult moment in the Super League. After losing in Mendoza, it was last in the average album and the times are shortened.

The team Gastón Coyette receiving Friday at 21.10 to Belgrano for her & date 19, and they have the opportunity to enter three in the Citadel against a competitive rival just in the fight for sustainability.

Although one of the early games of the day is to reduce the preoccupation of the fans, Coyette is a problem because the time is not enough to solve one of the key people: "Tino" Coast.

The middle of the field is still getting on from & # 39; fighting the calf right, and the training staff need to evaluate the development over the short week.

Who will be back in 11 Matías García. The left mouse left to & # 39; Their cross date and maybe it's been a choice for Coyette, instead "Maxi" Martinez.

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