San Pablo Stock closed the first week of Jair Bolsonaro in power to marks his third record after each other


Sao Paulo Stock Exchange launched its first week of Jair Bolsonaro in power to hitting his third record after Friday, although the resolution in the middle of the hope was revealed due to the confirmation of the ultra-south leader who created some mistake.

Bolsonaro took office on Tuesday, January 1, and the next day Ibovespa's Index closed for the first time over 90,000 points (to 91,012), with a 3.56% increase; On Thursday the 0.61% increase and Friday was 0.3% (91,840 points). During the last session she reached more than 92,000 points, animated by the good data from United States employment and careful comments from the Chairman of Deer Jerome Powell about fair rates.

In this way, The overall evaluation of Ibovespa from the final session of 2018 4.5%.

The same, on the other hand, the highest weekly valuation in three months and closed at 3.713 per dollar, compared to 3,874 on 31 December. The Brazilian currency valuation this week is 4.32%.

But the military army was 63 years old the friendly of the original tune with several statements, That means, for example, the reform of the pension system, is considered necessary by the markets to reduce its fiscal situation in Brazil, It would be blameless than expected.

For the consultation of Econom Economics, Brazilian markets "they had strong performance" This week has collected with the hope that Bolsonaro has a reformed portfolio on the agenda, including an extensive program of privation, state size reduction and public costs.

"But we believe that this revival could be a short time short term … There is still little evidence that Bolsonaro and his economic team can redevelop pension encouraged in the very sad Brazilian Congress. ", they said.

Bolsonaro also created some uncertainty by expressing his "case" on Friday for Brazil's air-maker performance, Embraer, after his affair with the American Boeing.

"That connection would be very good, but we can not, as it is in the last recommendation, [dejar] that everything can be moved to the other within five years "he said.

Following these statements, The average shares of Embraer 5.02%, the highest drop of the glue.

(With information from AFP)

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