"Sanchez did not stop running": English-only English-based Alexis-compliant papers at Manchester United


Alexis Sánchez He was one of the main points in the victory of Manchester United against Reading 2-0 in the third round of FA Cup. And while he retired with physical difficulties at 64 minutes, The English papers filled with the recommendation of the national team.

That looks good at Silen and helped the second goal of the Red Devils made by Romelu Lukaku. Sanchez returned to possession after a month from the courts and the media, he surrendered to a degree.

Mirror He emphasized the revival of the best team at Silein's team, which was not successful in 2018, but this year started the best way to leave José Mourinho.

"Do you remember Alexis Sanchez of Barcelona and Arsenal? Did you think he was in the past?" B & # 39; It's the first start after it has been badly injured and left nine games after its appearance against its & # 39; Castle, where he helped with the goal of Marcus Rashford. -, they were promoted on and beyond in a vibrant game against Reading", the center celebrated.

"Yes, he was reading, but Sánchez He did not stop running and that's far from the player with his hands on his croms during the order of Jose Mourinho"they said.

Another English medium was a? indicates that it was a toopoplan Evening Manchester News, the ones who were doing "Sanchez had his first goal against the Roles after his first start under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Old Trafford, 39; he would have to go after he continued with what seemed an appeal to the same difficulty he has maintained. "

"Against Newcastle, left the chance and greatly affected the game, leaving Rashford quickly and this Saturday he did the same again in FA Cup. The team seems to have been challenged by a Spaniard counterpart"they said.

Finally, they showed Sánchez's abilities. "This player is a special player, Although we have not seen what we did at Arsenal, he has a great opportunity for Ole Gunnar. "

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