Sanda Liepiņa: The Latvian finance department has left highly dangerous clients in Latvia


Sanda Liepina, Chairman of the Board of Financial Associations, is responsible for Independent Issues.

– People, following several statements of Latvian politicians, have been screened, since occasionally texts say that payment cards from Latvian banks do not go to; Attending anywhere else in the world. The confidence of Latvian banking department is in Somali. Is the situation really awful?

– It was released at the beginning of September last year Money regular report on Latvia. It was not particularly favorable to the assessment. Latvia has a high level of direction. By the end of June this year, national delegates must submit a response report on the implementation of the recommendations, which will also form the basis for re-evaluation. Already on March 21, last year, we drew attention to the need to ensure that Latvia's international reputation is not lower. I explain the text of our statement: «Yeah Money The Latvia report, which is scheduled in the autumn 2018, is unfavorable, we anticipate that this will be a major challenge for a banking industry, serving Latvian companies and citizens. Latvia government needs to do everything that is necessary to show clear action and a clear decision to address financial crimes and to suspend the use of a Latvian banking system for illegal actions that do not. ; compliance with customs and international law. "

The news was unlawful in the autumn. We also continue to & # 39; calling on the new government Money suggestions would be met.

– Does this mean that this summer will be for all of us on holiday-days – hlop! and will stop payment cards, but will Latvia Bank be allowed to enter in euro? What are the dangers? People are unhappy. Others believe that a pay card must be removed quickly from the Estonian bank. Is this the solution?

– It is acknowledged that a Latvian citizen or citizen will have an impact on & # 39; Latvia assesses regardless of the country in which he / she receives financial services. We said at the Saeima committee meeting that the government should take steps to avoid this situation in February 2020, when the International Financial Equalities Group has planned planning a decision on Latvia. If the International Financial Equalities Group is deciding to & # 39; including Latvia in this list, the first ones that will be in the list; Feeling the effects that exports to third countries (outside the EU). You will not have a direct impact now, because they will be responsible for the current geo-regulatory situation in the world, on the system of sanctions against Russia, and how then on. The objectives could be an increase in the cost and duration of any settlement for exporters and exporters working with outside European Union countries.

– What I understand: Although Latvian 12 billion euro bank account bank accounts for non-currency money, our payment cards have been accepted everywhere in the world. When it was abducted from Latvia, I accept that there is a cash of 9 billion euro in dirty money, then Latvia's commercial banking system has been so unreliable that he escaped Yemen?

– Money In the report, Latvia's performance was ranked by 40 …

– It seems to me Money the authors of the report were dependent on previous information! The changes that have taken place in 2018 are important, but are not covered in this reportSouth Westerly

– They can not be actively involved, because such a kind of timing has a very close timetable and everyone involved was aware of it. In early January 2017, we drew attention to both Prime Minister and all chief executives to adequately prepare Latvia for this assessment. It was already known like that Money The team will come to Latvia in November 2017 and will work for two weeks. Other countries are preparing early and highly for international evaluation. In recent times, the UK evaluation was completed, in which the government made a well-structured, coordinated activity capable of demonstrating its risks and the ability to demonstrate a clear action plan in every risk – they plan to fight a fight. Throughout 2017, we asked for the effectiveness of the Control Service, Latvia's main problem. We call on the changes to the Control Service already in spring 2017. It was decided to do so, but to wait for the stage. Then, the evaluation shows that we have overall coordination and awareness of our risks. Out of the 40 recommendations, the financial department is responsible for 13 recommendations, the rest for the non-financial department, law enforcement, etc. The fact was that the assessment until October 2017 was clear for a number of years before. A lack of awareness may have been responsible for preparing these evaluations. As we are involved in better scrutiny, the next application point will be in June this year, when the country needs to submit a progress report with recommendations. The green list includes countries with strategic shortcomings in a range of money rubbish, hindering terrorist funding, as well as maintaining internationally-funded financial disciplines. The effectiveness of the various financial streams in the financial and non-financial sectors – estates and jewelery, old things, lawyers, notes, oath examiners, accountants and others – are evaluated.

Therefore, there should be no surprise that the situation in the Latvian financial system was evaluated before October 2017.

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