Sandra O'Ryan joined "Blood Pact" Society


Covenant of Blood Every day his spectators are surprised, who can not get away from the macabre story that is in the face of their eyes. The distribution of Benjamin, Marcos, Gabriel and Raimundo.

Channel 13 channel fans are always aware of all new information that appears to share their theories. Now, they looked at something that was not much included: at the new opening is the name of an actress who would have been in a position; going to the production.

It is about it Sandra O'Ryan, who had his last appearance in the last May in Pasapalabra, long & His finalists were in a teleserie in 2014 Worth the Pena of the same channel.

Until now, the act of his actress and factual exhica does not know, but it is not known; think she plays law of Ignacio, son of Trinidad and Benjamin.

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