Sans Souci: a slapped scholar's mother says that the language is the body's body and tells the story & # 39;


An The pupil who is involved in a corporate situation with a teacher at Sans Souci Girls High School in Cape Town looks at five expenses in her controller hearing.

Yolisa Nocanda from the teenage student, who represents the teenager, told News24 that the disciplinary hearing was set up for 14 February.

The child looks after many taxes after the corporate change in the catchment room on a video that has been away from a long time ago.

Both the learner and the teacher are arrested.

According to Nocanda, the fees are scared by a verbal and psychic threat trying to harm someone; giving attention to or to # 39; failure to make specific guidance; actions that distrust the name of the school; to prevent the rights of other learners to receive education by; eliminating classes, and disrupting staff from disabling; teaching; and breaking the rights of the teacher to carry out their work; adversely affect the school, the staff, the teacher and the other learners.

A mother replies

A description of the current costs, the learner's mother, known as News24, says she is currently "at peace" and she knows her baby gets through This situation.

"I do not know what the outcomes are but I trust God in everything," said News24.

She said, when she saw her first video, she gave a special focus to understand where the argument began and how it was rising.

"Tell the body of the teacher's body for my story. I saw the language of the body's body. I did not see her girl who got up, I did not see her voice."

#SansSouci: Teacher and pupil involved in corporate change hanging

The mother said that the right thing would be to leave the classroom when the teacher asked the learner to get out.

"But how do you leave your building? [the cellphone] behind her, "she asked.

"My child followed me after the teacher and arrived to get hold of her phone."

She said she had a dispute when she saw the teacher who smoked her baby through her face and recognized her shirt.

As to why the pupil attacked the teacher when she put her desk to the teacher's feet, the mother said her baby could be pressing the desk too hard, but she asked where else she wanted to move.

"My daughter was angry. She can be angry, I do not know how to answer me. I do not know how others would be in that situation."

The mother maintains that the part of the teacher was injured from the outset of her argument.

The video

A video video, which appeared to be recorded by another pupil, appears an unusual look of a physically converted book.

In the section the teacher can hear to ask the learner with her book, and the girl is answer she has no woman.

The teacher has words about this and her cell phone breakdown, which is at her. child in his hand.

The tutor and the learner will "" maintain a word; move until the teacher returns the girl's phone before he returns, and his / her; threatened to throw him.

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"He threw me down." Make me, "the girl says, and the teacher withdraws her boards before he returns it back.

The teacher states that the learner will leave the classroom, and the girl will pushing their boards into the teacher's feet and growing up, apparently, and # 39; reach for phone.

The teacher will pull the pupil in the face, before taking her on his shirt.

The girl is breaking the teacher's arm and saying to her, "You hit me!" and the teacher says she is pushing and her; lie on her.

Invaluation costs

In addition to the disciplinary ideas with the school against the teacher and the learner, criminal cases were attacked by police with the two parties involved.

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