SANTAJ fees in the American papers. The Amazon founder launches DISCUSSIONS with advanced promotions – News from sources


The black scandal started after your National Representative threatened Jeff Bezos, an Amazon founder, expressing information about his secret life. But it seems that Bezos has stretched out a grip and started talking to the publishing representatives and now to launch the messages.

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Jeff Bezos has been the founder of Amazon, who appointed the editor of the National Enquirer magazine who is trying to write it in an explosive article published on Thursday on his personal blog, CNN reports, tells Mediafax.

Bezos appeared in the article published on the Middle stage, and says that the full text of the emails received by its representatives from the leaders of American Media Inc. (AMI), a company owned by the National Representative.

Bezos, the founder and Amazon CEO, said AMI was the danger that he would go out and put pictures in public and published what he says An email was received from AMI, a & # 39; describing what he said as "ban and black". "It was something strange to me yesterday, in fact, it was not just unusual – this is the first time I made a offer that I can not refuse, or at least those are the most Better from the National I am glad that they believe that, because they are encouraged to write everything inside. Instead of taking I was tired and tired, I decided to show what they just sent me, despite personal costs and those that threatened me, "wrote Bezos.

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Bezos decides what he says is an email from the main AMI content director, Dylan Howard, in which Howard threatens personal personal images and text messaging to a woman with whom he is The National Advocate stated that it had been said.

Some of the messages were made public this month. Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, divorced after 25 years of marriage.

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