Santelices: "The call of archeologists in the public system is near 65%"


This week the government published its National Plan and a Bill which is a document. supporting the campaign. It is expected to invest $ 25 billion annually to train 130 oncologists and to build, develop and attract a network of 16 medical centers, with a view to the large gap, both experts and technology back, the public system is.

The Health Minister, Emilio Santelices, in an interview with Third, provided to confirm the network and the challenges of the fight of the disease, which is expected in two years; The first cause of death to the Slabs.

For a healthier the figures are disturbing. "We estimate that the oncologists' deficit in the public system is near 65%. Ceimotherapy is estimated to have at least twice as many as doctors and for the same radiotherapy, considering the installation of the installed device, especially in departments. A gap survey will be completed in April which will determine in detail the number of doctors and other professionals what is needed. "

In terms of the existing device gap, Santelices aims to solve the & # 39; gap within 10 years and thus create access to cancer treatment, appropriately distributed in the departments.

"Many patients need to move to Santiago or fifth, and this is one of the issues that Piñera's president has taken forward with the National National Plan, also the Law, so when people get against this painful disease, they do not have to go away from their families. Today there are shelters for patients, but they are not enough ", he said.

To compensate for this hygienic failure, his ministry is in discussions with probation groups to extend their capacities, and in collaboration with the universities to establish them as postgraduate provenance centers in other centers. "So we end up with the chart that is represented by expert verification. And because it is difficult to train so many talents for what is needed, the foreign experts will be asked to submit the survey, to make it faster. But the less demand will be ", said Santelices.

The plan aims to bring a permanent structure to the country, consolidated in law, equipment and skills that are essential to take care of the sick people in each department. That's, a 10-year-old.

Key changes to the Plan include access, accessibility and quality of care.

"So Throughout this plan, we will solve the gap in this 10-year competition with 80% and this means to enable the spread of cancer cure in the ", the Minister for Health completed.

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