Santiago Pictures Ponzinibbio Face Niall Magny by Brutal Fourth KO Visit


A new metal contractor has officially appeared in Santiago Ponzinibbio in Argentina.

In front of the homekeepers of the Saturday night in Buenos Aires, Ponzinibbio placed Neil Mangy's major contribution to three more extra trips before he finished the battle with the decline of plants and, main event

Although the battle was happening at almost 3 a.m. local time, the Argentinian audiences were alive and good for their time, He broke Ponzinibbio in argument that he was the best work he did in the UFC.

Ponzinibbio put the early speed by setting up her & her; piping that was always tapping Magny in her eyes and her eyes; giving him some vision problems in these exchanges. Magny continued to move and go. surrounded by Ponzinibbio's power hands but could not do it; see her offense off.

Ponzinibbio stayed in control over the open, relaxed, in some casual and casual feet; finishing the five-minute session with power motors that hit the face of the box.

Magny was able to start faster in the second round as long as he was getting fast; took the middle of the Octagon when he wanted to win. Unfortunately, it was very successful to stay with Ponzinibbio completely; punish his lead with a series of brutal gates.

The fight was stopped immediately after it showed that an accident disaster headed on Ponzinibbio's ear but the doctor quickly examined and allowed him to continue.

From then on, Ponzinibbio was totally punishable by a constant attack on that lead and while; as he was also raising up with that pipe, he always left home on the right eye of Magny.

The third round saw more about Ponzinibbio as the invasion, Magny's walk down and just, dispose of a large barrier of pieces and then hitting it on the # 39; fastest pace with more.

As the time was removed, it was important that Magny was bent on her; The leg that was eaten was totally alive by the marriage of Ponzinibbio.

At last in the fourth round, Ponzinibbio attacked Magny to send her to her. watt several times with the game so sad. Despite this, Magny was allowed to proceed but the end was close to her; last hit.

Ponzinibbio was once again to catch Magny against her cage and then when she was in a hurry, He tried a brutal right that brought out the person who was in a position; attacking the former Ultimate Fighter & # 39; and he first faced the canvas.

The referee Herb Dean went out to stop the fight with her. head coming 2:36 into the fourth visit.

After the big countryside decision, Ponzinibbio was rapidly calling on how he hoped to return the UFC energy title to Argentina in 2019.

"Everyone in the department will give this right hand. I'm the next concert in the world." 2019 comes to Argentina, "called Ponzinibbio.

"Tyron [Woodley], I'm sorry, I'm the next broadcast. "

It is unlikely that Ponzinibbio will have a title in the next war but he is sure to send his name to a race; case with this latest effect. It appears to be disturbing five highest enemies when it returns in 2019 after winning Saturday night.

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