Santos municipality promotes a week of communication with the & # 39; Aedes aegypti myth


Municipality Santos, through the Health Department, will promote this Monday (26) Week to Combat Aedes aegypti and diseases that caused the mosquito. An extensive program in a number of points in the Town is aimed at highlighting its & # 39; pesticide communication and, as a result, the decrease in the arbovirus rates to be maintained.

From 2:30 p.m. On Monday, in a Polyclinic of Vila Mathias, the Information, Learning and Communications (IEC) Information Group on Home Administration is a " encouraging project & # 39; Waiting Room &, focuses on community health representatives, endemic agents, nurses and other professionals of the unit, aiming to prevent diseases that the mosquito can do.

On Tuesday (27), using a topic house built by recyclable materials, eliminate Projeto Casa do Saber projects at Warehouse 31 for Porto with interactive and dynamic imagery of everyday situations, and # 39; Encouraging awareness of changes in ways to guide the prevention of gases caused by urban pests.

Re-launching the edition that was inspired on Saturday (24), in Praça das Bandeiras, the information fee station on Thursday (29), at 10:00 p.m., at A visit between Carvalho de Mendonça and Pinheiro Machado Avenue (Sianal 1), aimed at preventing the four diseases caused Aedes: dengue, zika, chikungunya and yellow fever.

On Friday (30), national day & day; of Movement and Autumn to the Mosquito Aedes aegypti, the educational theater & Little Red Riding Hood in the Forest Contaminated & presented, starting at 2:30 pm at Portal Brasil school. The enhanced design reflects the character of each character in a & # 39; barring arboviruses through a fair environment and a mosquito breeding area.

The actions that are promoted are aimed at raising awareness and thus reduce the number of cases Aedes. In 2017, 51 dengue cases were recorded. In 2018, 33. In terms of chikungunya, there were 16 cases in the & # 39; last year and eight in this one. There was no zika record in 2018, due to a crash in 2017. There are no records of yellow fever in the town

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