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The World's Women's 9-Ball Competition Sanya Opens Pan Xiaoting is a Hainan Trio

Jane Daily, 6 December (Shi Yitian Reporter) On the fifth year, the Hanyan 9-Ball Sanya World Women competition, which is known as the "most beautiful event", opened in Sanya. The women's billiards' high-quality competition built over 80 players from 22 countries and divisions to participate in the competition.

This is the 27th competition held in the event. This is the 10th competition that was introduced to China. It was first established in Sanya City, Hainan Province this year. The total prize money for the event is $ 175,000, and the $ 44,000 concert.

World Fancy Billiards Association Director I Shaun Singh said the "World Earth Championship 9 was the highest level of the female billiards competition, and this year, the Chinese Billiards and all parties have come to Beautiful home, detail of the event and Romanism gave 8 of the 18 previous world-wide campaigns, including the same huge defender throughout the The world, Chen Siming. I believe that such a specification will ensure that the friends who come into their game will drop into the last game. "

Featuring China's No. 1 world star, Chen Siming, "Pan-Xiaoting" 9 ball Tianhou ", British star Kelly Fisher," Korean little witch "Jin Jiaying and famous 9-ball players Other women who affect the hero.

His final competition was held in Hainan Chengmai, and Pan Xiaoting again joined the World Championships final after many years. But regret, eventually lost to the world's largest number one team crew, Chen Siming who won the second prize.

Hainan struggled again, Pan Xiaoting said the competitors were strong and competitive, and there are many unsure things in the 9-ball event. The final result is not understood. Here is also a season; game, but I hope to be able Plus. "

The opening ceremony was held in a place where Yaqian Ancient Scenic is. Kelly Fisher, Jia Siming, Ossin and many other star stars bought a 9-member funny show, and Li Jin's weaving, making sachanes, sweat sugar and other legacy projects. Knowledge, knowledge and awareness of a distinctive Chinese culture. Li Wujun, Sanya Public Secretary's Deputy Secretary, told Sanya to become a good home, to improve the service of the event and the logic support, These women have high quality sports with Sanya marks. Big event.

The event was held by the Fancy Billiards Association (WPA) World, the Chinese Billiards Association (CBSA), Hainan Sports and Culture Sports and Culture Department, and the Sanya Public Government in Hainan. Declaration and Sports Bureau of Sanya City, Hainan Province, Beijing Guoao Air organized by Zhonghe Culture Co., Ltd., Co-ordinated by Beijing Guoan Jinguan Football Development Co., Ltd..

(Editor: Yan Yujie, Cai Donghai)

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